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Skyblivion - a mod that brings Oblivion into the Skyrim engine - gets a gorgeous new trailer


Update February 3, 2017: Skyblivion has come a long way since the last trailer, released in December 2016, so the team are showing that progress off with another new video, embedded above.

The team say that they’ve made more progress in the past two months than in the entire year of development preceding it. 

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That’s because loads of new volunteers has pledged their swords to the project following all the media coverage generated off the back of the last trailer.

There are now more weapon sets, the 3D environments team has created a bunch more assets to shape the world, there’s been more work done on the vasts landscapes of Cyrodiil, and the UI is being worked on to make it authentically Oblivion.

See the progress in that trailer up there, then check out the previous footage below.

Update November 9, 2016:Skyblivion just go a lovely new trailer showing off a remastered Cyrodiil. It’s come a long way, as you can see in the video embedded above.

Work on the base game is actually complete, so now it’s just a case of implementing the quests, voice acting, scripting, 3D/re-modeling new assets, making an Oblivion inspired user interfaceand finishing all the weapon and armor sets, along with squashing any bugs that might pop up once all of that’s in there. Phew. Probably not all the bugs though, eh? We want it to be as we remember it, right?

This trailer signifies a year of the team’s hard work. If you’re familiar with scripting or creating 3D assets, you can volunteer on the project at that link.

Original Story October 14, 2016: It’s not just Morrowind getting the mod remaster treatment thanks to the Skyrim engine, as now Oblivion is also being updated by a group of talented modders. Well, the same group of talented modders, actually: the TESRenewal team.

This mod will bring all the quests from Oblivion into the Skyrim engine, along with the Cyrodiil map and all the DLC.

The mod will feature new textures and custom models, but it will use the vanilla animations, as they currently don’t have an animator on the team. This could change, however, as they’re calling for helpers in the video description. You can watch the trailer here:

It’s not even nearly done yet, but when it is released, the creators plan to make it work with both normal Skyrim and the upcoming Skyrim Special Edition. The installer will also check that you have a copy of Oblivion in your library, as otherwise it’d be piracy, essentially.

As for Skywind, the mod that brings Morrowind to Skyrim, that recently got a status update video too:

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