Skyrim Special Edition new screenshots show the RPG’s HD makeover


Bethesda have unveiled a HD remaster for Skyrim, and it’s not just coming to consoles, giving PC players another excuse to revisit Skyrim’s snowy mountains.

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Update: June 13, 2016: Three screenshots for Skyrim Special Edition have appeared, showing the improvement over the original game. As you can imagine, with Skyrim being five years old the improvement is more of a step than a leap. If you’re used to playing with 100s of Skyrim mods installed, then you may remember the game looking far prettier. Still: for those who stick to vanilla versions, it’s a welcome makeover.

Skyrim Special EditionSkyrim Special EditionSkyrim Special Edition

Original story: The special edition will feature remastered art and effects, volumetric god rays, dynamic depth of field, screen-space reflections, new snow shaders, new water shaders, and all that good stuff.

It wasn’t announced, but it certainly seems like current mods will be compatible with it, seeing as the mod library will be useable on console. May require some tinkering from makers, however. Maybe there won’t be as much need to use all of the graphics mods though, eh?

Here’s the trailer – skip to 3:16 for the Skyrim goodness:

Skyrim Special Edition: 2016 is releasing on October 28. Bethesda have announced via Twitterthat anyone who owns the Legendary Edition of Skyrim, or all the add-ons and the base game seperately, will get a free upgrade to the Special Edition come October 28th – nice!