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Huge 60-hour Skyrim mod that’s like a new expansion sets launch date

Bigger than the Dragonborn DLC, upcoming Skyrim mod Lordbound finally sets a launch date with over 60 hours of content planned for day one.

Skyrim mod Lordbound: a Skyrim cultist in a spooky mask throwing fire from their right hand

13 years after launch, Skyrim has lost some of its magnetism. We’re all so intimately familiar with the snow-capped mountains, the cobbles in Whiterun’s well-worn streets, and the umpteenth bandit camp filled with gold coins and iron armor that it’s beginning to feel like Bethesda’s RPG is finally coming to a close. Skyrim itself might not be enough to keep us busy while we wait for Elder Scrolls 6. But now that it has a launch date, the DLC-sized Lordbound mod might be enough to draw us back to coolest region of Tamriel.

Lordbound is a colossal upcoming Skyrim mod. With a region larger than the Dragonborn DLC’s Solstheim, and brand new quests, dungeons, events, activities, and over 60 hours worth of content, it’s sure to keep us busy until Bethesda officially takes us back to its beloved fantasy world. Getting swept up in the immaculate vibes of Skyrim is always a treat, but it can be hard when you’ve played it a thousand times. This mod brings back that old magical feeling.

Stuffed with over 40 quests, more than 50 dungeons, and a main narrative that reacts and adapts to your choices, Lordbound proves that the RPG’s modding scene isn’t slowing down more than a decade later. There’s an entirely original soundtrack and fully-voiced NPCs to bring the new region of Druadach to life, alongside original weapons, armor, and spells. It’s like all your favorite game-changing mods rolled up into one, immersive package.

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Set in the war-torn Druadach Valley, there are entirely new caves to plunder, outposts to ravage, and settlements to call home just as you did in the base game. With “the biggest main quest you’ve ever played in Skyrim” according to the Lordbound mod team, three faction questlines demand your attention. You can either assist the imperials, support the Orcs, or even help one man uncover the truth of his family’s past.

I’m constantly floored by the astounding work of Skyrim’s dedicated modding community. Lordbound is no small feat, offering what amounts to a completely original DLC-sized mod of the highest quality. So while Todd Howard regrets not supporting Skyrim for a decade after launch, there’s still plenty to anticipate, Elder Scrolls 6 or not.

The Skyrim Lordbound mod is now set for a March 2025 launch, and you can keep up to date with the project right here.

While we wait for the Elder Scrolls 6 release date to finally arrive there are plenty of games like Skyrim to try in the meantime, and even more fantasy games, too.

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