Skyrim Together is still coming, despite the “entire codebase” being “scrapped”

The fan-funded Skyrim multiplayer mod is undergoing a restructure, but is still being worked on

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One of the developers of Skyrim Together, a Skyrim mod attempting to bring online multiplayer to Bethesda’s RPG, says that the team’s “entire codebase” has been “scrapped.” In a comment posted last night, developer Ijustwantsteamdosh gave fans a brief update on the state of the project.

In response to a post asking for an update on the project, the developer said that while an upcoming official report would explain more, they could offer some information to tide fans over until then. To that end, they said that the project is “still being worked on,” but appears to have been set back by an “entire restructure of class hierarchy and how things interact with each other.”

Understandably, fans waiting for a release date were surprised by news that the entire codebase was to be re-written. However, another developer, f13rce_hax, showed up in the comments to say that “it’s not really scrapped, but rather a restructure. Most components can be copy-pasted from parts that have always worked. This’ll save a lot of time rather than remaking the mod from scratch.”

While a set-back of this nature clearly isn’t ideal, the latest posts do offer some good news, most notably that the mod is still in active development. Last month, the project’s lead developer told fans that Skyrim Together may never release, as the modders “don’t owe the community anything.” At that time, the Patreon helping to fund the mod was pulling in around $18,000 per month.

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Earlier this year, the team apologised for using code from another mod, Skyrim Script Extender, without permission. While this code was set to be removed from Skyrim Together, the developers say that those changes aren’t responsible for the restructuring.

Sadly, there’s still no word on a release date, but an upcoming report is likely to shed some more light on when fans can expect to see the mod. We do know, however, that the modders are looking into a “new approach to how release is being considered.” That might mean that we’re unlikely to see more beta testing, but hopefully we’ll find out more soon.