Card game Slay the Spire gets a free “complete expansion”

Massive fan-made Slay the Spire expansion Downfall now has a standalone Steam release, if you're looking for another reason to return to the roguelike card game

Slay the Spire: Downfall has just hit Steam, bringing the expansive mod for the beloved card game to a much broader audience. This is effectively the same as the version of Downfall that’s been available on the Steam Workshop for ages, but built as a standalone Steam store app in order to bring it to a whole new audience.

The fan-made Downfall expansion is free on Steam and will join your library as a separate game, though you still need to own the base Slay the Spire game to use it. This expansion adds a fifth hero character, the Hermit, who’s all about smart positioning of the cards you have in-hand.

The titular Downfall mode, however, is the big draw, as it lets you take control of one of seven villain characters, like the Slime Boss or the Hexaghost, fighting against the heroes with more complex mechanics that’ll have you working your way down the Spire. These characters introduce new relics and potions, and you’ll be able to make use of them in the base game pool too.

While existing Downfall fans can already play it in the original Slay the Spire, this standalone release has already proven pretty popular with fans. Downfall reached 3,132 concurrent players today, as SteamDB shows, a sizable number in comparison to the 9,907 players regular Slay the Spire hit today.

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