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Sleeping Dogs to be better on PC, with high-res textures and TF2 freebies


If PC gaming had a corporation behind it – because, let’s face it: Microsoft aren’t –  its rubbish top-of-the-box slogan would be ‘Better on PC’. But we don’t; instead we just know, all of us, that things are better here.

So it is with Sleeping Dogs, which is due to arrive not only in temporal line with its console siblings but with a high-resolution texture pack, as well as some tie-in weapons and a new map for Team Fortress 2.

The “eye-watering” high-res texture pack is accompanied by better-detailed small objects – rendered at longer distances – better shadow textures and filters, and support for Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (also better).

Performance enhancements are available for both dual and quad core PCs, as are optimisations for 3D and multi monitor setups, which might make this a go-to game to showcase new PCs.

The Team Fortress 2 Triad Pack – available with pre-orders on Steam – features a flame-licked minigun for the Heavy, a meat cleaver for the Scout and a neon sign for the Pyro. And whether you’ve pre-ordered or not, you’ll be able to play new King of the Hill map Kong King.

There. Much better.