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Sleeping Dogs launch trailer features reckless driving, unlicensed fisty cuffs, and irresponsible use of an oven


With four days till it hits the stores, the pressure has got to the developers over at United Front Games who have released the Sleeping Dogs launch trailer in an effort to calm their nerves.

With its release on the fourteenth we can finally see whether Sleeping Dogs has done enough to forge its own path in the sandbox caper genre or if it’s little more than Grand Theft Auto on holiday.

The True Crime games that stand as spiritual ancestors to Sleeping Dogs were fun little excursions from the GTA games that dominated the field but their awkward mix of martial arts, shooting, and driving never worked out as well on screen as it did on paper. Plus, games that put you in the shoes of the police always struggle to encourage players to not kill people. I’m interested to see how the United have approached the problems of True Crime.