Be a slime poop farmer when Slime Rancher leaves Early Access on August 1


It’s time to leave the little leagues of Early Access farming behind, kiddo. You’re moving up to the big leagues – the slime farming leagues, that is. Next week, Slime Rancher is leaving Early Access – v1.0.0 is coming out on August 1. 

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If you’ve not played it, Slime Rancher is a game where you collect slimes, cage them up, and harvest their highly valuable poop. No, I’m not kidding. Well, the material is called Plorts, but they pop out a slime’s rear after feeding it – it’s definitely poop.

Full patch notes for v1.0.0 aren’t available quite yet, but they developers say it’s a smaller update “that ties up a few loose ends in the current game,” and also promise further updates post-release. You can see the full descriptions of those over on the announcement, but they include a map, missions, and a relaxed casual mode where the evil tarr slimes don’t exist to mess up your day.

All of those are subject to change, though, and may never release if they’re not fun/possible/etc. If you’ve been holding off on Slime Rancher for its full release then, hey, there’s just a week to go! Now, go harvest that poop, and be the best damn slime rancher you can be.