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Sloth racing game Slowdrive is now available on Steam - perfect for a Sunday drive


While sloths are not exactly known for their skill behind the wheel, new indie racing game Slowdrive hopes to show these languid mammals burning some rubber. After getting lost after chasing a butterfly (as one often does), it’s up to players to drive this sloth back home by navigating a series of tricky courses.

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More like Trials than Project Gotham Racing, Slowdrive has drivers completing a series of obstacle courses in a quick a time as possible. Starting off as basic courses with hairpin turns and multiple jumps, Slowdrive eventually has players driving in between moving blocks, crossing over gaps on two wheels and even dodging angry kraken tentacles as they try to make it home safely. While you may be driving under the speed limit, Slowdrive can get pretty dicey in the later stages.

Every track has multiple routes and you are timed on every attempt, so finding shortcuts is key for shaving those few seconds off your time. Going faster is not always the best answer though, as Slowdrive’s physics system may see you spinning out of control and ending up in the drink. You won’t have to worry about tuning up your sloth’s beat up motor though, as there are only cosmetic upgrades in Slowdrive.

There is a hidden collectible on every level and competitive sloth drivers can race against player ghosts to get the best time. Levels aren’t particularly long, so expect top-level runs to differ by milliseconds rather than seconds.

The more sedate racing pace, combined with the calming pastel colour palette and the flannel shirt-wearing protagonist make for one chilled out game. Stick some vapourwave on while you playing Slowdrive and you may pass out due to being so chilled out. If you interested in doing a few laps, Slowdrive is currently 15% off until May 4, going for just $5.09/£4.07.