Smite is blessed with new god Mercury, the speediest of the deities

Smite Mercury

Smite has now been released. Try the game for free here, check our Smite guide and our Smite review.

God v God MOBA Smite has delved into Roman mythology for its latest addition to the religious roster, adding Mercury to its ranks. He may be the patron god of financial gain, commerce, eloquence, and luck, but Hi-Rez Studios have instead decided to focus on his speed, creating a Flash-like character that can run circles around opponents. 

Branded as ‘Messenger of the Gods’ (sorry, Hermes), Mercury’s abilities are all centred around his ability to put one foot in front of the other better than anyone else. As he travels across the map he gains physical power to unleash in attack form, so the longer you can run for the more devastating your blow will be. Ability Made You Look offers a quick AoE style attack, Maximum Velocity provides an attack speed buff for up to five seconds, and Special Delivery disorientates the enemy by allowing Mercury to charge full-pelt into them and swing them out the lane.

Mercury’s Ultimate Sonic Boom allows the God to dash up to 500ft and slam into a group of enemies, causing them to spin off in random directions. A powerful crowd-disperser, no doubt.

Alongside Mercury’s addition, the latest patch for Smite brings Guan Yu into the permanently free roster for new players (replacing Poseidon), and new golden skins for Agni and Ne Zha. If you’re a Smite player and need the full details on every tweak, you can read the patch notes here.

Smite has now been released.Try the game for free here, check ourSmite guideand ourSmite review.