Smite celebrates Independence Day: Life, liberty and the ability to play as every god

Smite Independence Day

Smite pits gods from pantheons spread all across the globe and throughout history, but this weekend it’s become distinctly American, celebrating Independence Day with eagles, fireworks and the stars and stripes.

Don’t let the fanfare put you off. Take a gander at my Smite review if you’re not sure it’s your cup of divine tea.

From now until July 6th, every single god in Smite has been unlocked for you to play. And there are a lot of them. There’s even a Mayan god of bees; Hi-Rez takes its roster seriously. Not too seriously though, or it wouldn’t be introducing the Ra-Merica skin for the Egyptian god, Ra.

The Egyptian sun deity has swapped its falcon head for that of an eagle, one sporting the red, white and blue, wielding a giant firework as a weapon. Surely that can’t be safe.

Every time someone purchases the ridiculous and completely awesome Ra-Merica skin, Hi-Rez will donate $2 to the American Red Cross, making it a worthwhile purchase even if it didn’t look it could defeat the Red Coats with a glare. The skin’s available until July 14th.

Gems are also falling from the sky this weekend. You can get bonus gifts of Smite’s premium currency when purchasing the Ultimate God Pack – which will unlock all gods, permanently – and Gem Packs. You’ll get 400 free gems with the Ultimate God Pack and between 400 and 1,500 when purchasing the various Gem Packs.

Even if you don’t fancy spending a dime, it’s well worth taking Smite for a spin and trying out a bunch of angry gods.