SMITE update gives Agni a makeover, and we’re giving away codes for his new look

SMITE Agni makeover

Smite has now been released. Try the game for free here, check our Smite guide and our Smite review.

Today’s SMITE update gave the twin-headed Hindu god of fire, Agni, a bit of a makeover. His new look is pretty fearsome, not a chap you’d like to get into a heated argument with. His two heads represent his duality, as a god of purity and destruction, but in SMITE they look like they both favour the latter. 

We’ve got our grubby mitts on five codes that instantly unlock this angry god and his alternate costume, Incinerator. We burned our hands getting them. Read on to see how you can snatch one up for yourself. 

The update makes a lot of changes to SMITE, from bug fixes to balancing tweaks. Agni’s not only got a new model and animations, he’s also been given a reduction in his recovery time for Rain Fire, and a timer has been added been added to his passive indicating how many seconds until his next meteor becomes available.

Now, onto the good stuff. How do your hands on Agni’s makeover, instantly? It’s simple, really. Let us know in the comments what use you could find for a second head. I’d learn to harmonise with myself to serenade beautiful ladies and annoy my neighbours at 3AM.

We’ll pick our favourites and shoot you the code.

Smite has now been released.Try the game for free here, check ourSmite guideand ourSmite review.