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Gaze into the stunning eyes of SMITE’s newest God: Medusa the Gorgon

Medusa SMITE

SMITE players will soon need to don a pair of sunglasses, and not because summer is quick on our heels. The fearsome Gorgon, Medusa, has been unleashed into the pantheon arena, and she packs quite a bite. Being able to slow her opponents with poison, cut their healing effectiveness, and with her ultimate, turn her enemies to stone – Medusa is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

A once beautiful maiden, Medusa is a vengeful snake-like creature, and one the most infamous stars of the Greek myths. Anyone who looks into her deadly gaze, Gods and mortals alike, is instantly turned to stone.

Medusa’s passive, Sidewinder, allows her to move without penalty when side strafing, and only suffer half of the movement penalty when moving backwards.

Viper Shot fires poison snakes rapidly at targets in front of her, dealing damage and applying a damage over time effect. Another skillshot, Acid Spray will hit the initial target, slowing their attack speed, before also hitting targets behind them in a small cone, dealing damage. Finally, Lacerate will cause Mesuda to rush forward and slash her prey, inflicting damage and a nast reduced healing debuff.

Her ultimate ability is no surprise. Taking off her mask allows Medusa to instantly turn enemies to stone if they are looking at her, while also dealing huge damage. If an enemy happens to be looking away from Medusa, they will instead be slowed, and suffer only half of the intended damage.

If Medusa tickles your fancy, check out this quick video guide on how to play her best – just don’t look directly at her, OK?

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