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Smite cinematic trailer debuts ahead of World Championships this week


SMITE is the MOBA that has rather quietly sat in the number three spot for a while now, not making the dozen-million-dollar headlines of Dota 2 and League of Legends but building a healthy fanbase, running big tournaments and generally making money. Its second annual world championship tournament is kicking off on Thursday and, in celebration, Hi-Rez have released a cinematic trailer of some of their characters doing battle.

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I’ll warn you now that I, a scholar of Silly Fantasy Things and Magic Bullshit, don’t have a single clue what in the Sam Hill happens in this trailer. I can’t even work out the timeline. They either start in hell and then go and kick god ass, or they’re kicking god ass so they can get to hell. Then they maybe kill a big thing, and I’m not sure who the bad guys are? It’s called ‘To Hell & Back’, revealing absolutely nothing.

And I actuallyplayedSMITE for a little bit. That big ice fellow is called Ymir and he was quite boring but I liked hitting people with his big ice mace. He’s big on ice.

Some people who probablydo know what’s going on are the fans and players that are showing up to the world championships later this week to fight for fame, glory and their share of a cool $1,000,000, with half of that going to the first place team. You can see the schedule, teams and some hype videos over on the official site. Hi-Rez also send word that the keynote on Thursday at 16:00 GMT / 17:00 CET / 11:00 EST / 08:00 PST, broadcast via the Smite Twitch channel, will have announcements about the game and all of Hi-Rez’s other titles, including Paladins, their upcoming objective-based shooter.