Daily login bonuses and the Community Skin Contest return for Smite’s third birthday

Smite Splash

Coming out of the terrible twos, Hi-Rez have announced some of the activities that Smite players can engage in during its third birthday celebrations. Starting on March 21 and finishing on March 27, there will be unique login bonuses, special events and sales going on every day until the following Monday.

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Similar to last year, Hi-Rez will also be running a special Community Skin Contest to decide a special player-made skin to celebrate Smite’s third birthday. Last year saw the community pick the Fallen Lord Chronos skin, so expect more details on the contest this coming Tuesday.

If it’s anything like last year, the community will vote on the god and theme, before letting artists run wild and send skin concepts to Hi-Rez. Once the submission period is over, a team from Hi-Rez’ Community Panel will narrow the selection down to just 10 skins, before the community decide on the overall winner.

If you win a game during this week of birthday celebrations, you’ll get access to the special ‘Birthday Global Emote’, so get playing as soon as March 21 rolls around. Hi-Rez are set to announce more surprises during the festivities, so keep your eyes peeled for any new information. You can find all the daily login bonuses and sales below:

Tuesday, March 21st:

  • 3x Worshipers
  • 25% off the Roman Pantheon Chest

Wednesday, March 22nd

  • 50% off all Voice Packs
  • 25% off Hindu Pantheon Chest

Thursday, March 23rd

  • 50% off all purchasable Ward Skins and Avatars
  • 25% off Greek Pantheon Chest

Friday, March 24th

  • Unlock a free Enigma Chest roll for each First Win of the Day (9 max!)
  • 25% off Chinese Pantheon Chest

Saturday, March 25th

  • 2x Everything
  • 25% off Mayan Pantheon Chest

Sunday, March 26th

  • Earn 90 Gems for completing 3 First Wins of the Day
  • 25% off Norse Pantheon Chest

Monday, March 27th

  • Earn a Cutesy Avatar Chest Roll after 1 First Win of the Day (only on first win)
  • All Pantheon Chests 25% off
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