Snatch up Path of Exile on Steam


Have you been playing Path of Exile? You really ought to have been. It’s a delightfully gloomy ARPG reminiscent of Diablo’s gothic origins, which I’m sure we can all agree is a wonderful thing. After a long open beta, it’s finally been released, and you can grab it directly from developer Grinding Gears Games’ website or start downloading it on Steam

You won’t even have to drop any of your hard earned cash to take it for a spin, as it’s one of those free-to-play dealios. It’s chock full of content, and the premium stuff doesn’t give players an advantage over their free brethern.

We featured Path of Exile on our list of games that deserve to rule 2013, and it’s well earned. The incredible skill tree alone is a good enough reason to take a peak, with its absurd depth and freedom, allowing players to put together all manner of builds.

It’s easy on the eyes too, if oppressive crypts, pitch black caverns and lush jungles teaming with strange and deadly fauna is your cup of tea. And if it all gets a bit too grim and dark, you can always cast some colourful, explosive magic to light up the shadows.

With its strong focus on co-op, you might want find some buddies to join you on your adventure.