Sneak Energy Year of the Bunny collection launched

The Sneak Energy Year of the Bunny collection introduces a new flavor and a bunch of neat collectibles to appeal to gamers and anime fans alike.

Sneak Year of the Bunny image of the company's mascot in an edgy style.

Sneak Energy has launched a bunch of new stuff to mark the Year of the Rabbit, or as they call it, the Year of the Bunny. Among various other goodies, they’ve released a brand new flavor, Yuzu and Mandarin. I had a shaker-full of it this morning, and I have to say, as with all the Sneak Energy flavors I’ve had so far, it tastes pretty darn delicious.

This comes not long after the launch of the caffeine-free Sneak Hydrate, so it’s a good time to be a fan of powder-based gamer drinks because they seem to be bringing out new options all the time. Those who love Sneak’s energy-distributing bunny mascot may also be delighted to learn that they’ve released a new mecha action figure of the little rascal called Mecha Bunny Mk. 1. They even made a fun retro anime-inspired trailer to promote the new range, which is worth a watch.

YouTube Thumbnail

The full list of products in the Year of the Bunny collection includes:

  • Sneak Energy Yuzu and Madarin tub
  • Year of the Bunny t-shirt
  • Year of the Bunny sword
  • Mecha Bunny Mk. 1 toy
  • Year of the Bunny sticker collection

Will you be trying the new flavor or adding any of those other items to your collection? If so, use the code PCGAMES15 at the check-out and you’ll get yourself a 15% bargain if you spend $50 (£50) or more (which you easily will).

The buzz this energy boost will give you may come in handy when playing the best free PC games, or maybe an extended session in one of the best battle royale games. Either way, it’s easy to see why so many gamers love it.