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Sniper Elite 4’s debut gameplay trailer shows off X-ray melee kills and Hitler pre-order bonuses

Sniper Elite 4 gameplay trailer

Sniper Elite 4’s debut gameplay trailer just dropped, and among the usual things you’d expect – slow motion bullets, Hitler – there’s a bunch of up-close melee death, all shown off in brutal X-ray camera close-ups. 

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As you can see in the video above, Sniper Elite is back, it’s prettier and just as shooty as it’s always been, but it’s slightly more stabby and punchy than it’s been before.

Now, not only can you shoot someone in the heart in slow-motion, you can also rupture someone’s intestines with a knee to the gut, or splinter their jaw into a thousand shards with a palm strike. Basically, it’s like going out in Lincoln, UK, on a Saturday night.

Outside of that, it’s business as usual, placing down tripwires, sneaking through a sun-soaked Italian town and lining up a perfect shot on Hitler’s solitary bollock.

As always, Hitler is a pre-order bonus. Yes, I know. Imagine any other medium saying Hitler was a bonus anything.