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Karl Fairburne returns to kick the Nazis out of Italy in Sniper Elite 4 trailer

Karl Fairburne

In real life, Snipers are all about stealth. They will sit under some shrubbery for days at a time, going to to the toilet, eating and watching the world through their scope, waiting for their target. A good sniper would finish the job without anyone knowing they were there. 

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With that in mind, it’s quite fitting that I can’t remember the guy from Sniper Elite 3, as good a game as it was. It doesn’t matter though, because he’s back, and his name is Karl Fairburne.

Not only is he back, but he’s just as comfortable when he’s close enough to smell the Nazis in this new Italy setting, thanks to an array of stomach-churning melee moves. This being Sniper Elite, each one is accompanied by an x-ray close-up, showing off every severed artery, each broken bone and every ruptured testicle. Have a watched of the new video embedded above.

Sniper Elite 4 releases on February 14, 2017.