Sniper Elite 4 officially announced, kill Nazis in Italy this year

Sniper Elite 4

The rumoured Sniper Elite 4 has been officially announced by Rebellion as coming this year. It takes up right where Sniper Elite 3 left off, deep in World War 2, but this time trying to liberate Italy with the help of the resistance forces there. As promised, the announcement comes just ahead of GDC next week, though there’s no word on when we’ll see more beyond the trailer below.

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Not so much gameplay, but lots of lovely buildings and less-lovely Nazis in the announcement trailer:

Karl Fairburne’s your man with a plan (and a large, scoped, high-calibre gun), and he’ll adventure everywhere from “sun-drenched Mediterranean coastal towns to colossal Nazi megastructures” and even weirder environments. Sounds like Rebellion are anteing-up some what, as the maps will be “many times” the size of Sniper Elite 3’s.

A bit more info and some nice screens over on the official site. More info doubtless to follow in the coming weeks.