Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 has been announced, but will be sticking to the shadows until 2016

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 announced

As long as dense foliage can be found, men and women will continue to crawl underneath it with sniper rifles or stick it to their clothes in an effort to trick people into thinking they are just a bush with a gun, which is pretty non-threatening. Along with big shrubs, hedges and even some trees, snipers can also be found in games, such as Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. 

City Interactive announced the new sneaky shooty game today. The series so far has been a bit shaky, budget game territory, but CI’s promising a AAA effort this time around.

This one puts the eponymous ghost warrior – not an actual ghost, unfortunately – in between a rock and a hard place… and another rock. Stuck in Eastern Europe, the sniper is caught in the middle of a three-way war between some angry factions. Judging by the outfit worn by the sniper, it’s also set in a future where people will just slap any old silly costume on.

Maps will be non-linear, sandboxy affairs with sneaking, shooting and tactical challenges.

It’s still some ways off, expected in 2016.