SnowRunner scores – our roundup of the critics

MudRunner gets icy, and the results are more than cool

The latest in ‘getting your truck nightmarishly buried in mud and muck’ simulators is here, and this time there’s snow. SnowRunner takes the series to places like the snow-laden backwoods of Alaska for an even more slippery set of circumstances to drive through. The early scores are in, and it looks like developer Saber Interactive has built this one just mainstream enough for the masses without losing the hardcore difficulty that the series is known for.

In our own SnowRunner review, Ben awards it a 9 and says that it “has all the trappings of a slickly produced, triple-A mainstream game – but what lurks beneath that facade is an uncompromising, sometimes brutal simulation.” (He’s also been doing nothing but posting muddy screenshots in the office Slack group for the past week or so.)

Other outlets are quite positive, as well. PC Gamer says the “off-road sim delights in giving you a hard time, but every victory is all the sweeter for it”. Push Square says it’s “wildly rewarding in a way that few other open worlders are”. PlayStation Universe says it’s “a big leap over the MudRunner titles and a compelling effort in its own right”.

Review aggregator OpenCritic puts the early score average at 79/100. Check out the scores below.

Simulation games have never been so delightfully dirty. SnowRunner is available on the Epic Games Store now.