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Solasta is a tactical RPG that uses D&D’s 5.1 SRD rules, and there’s a demo on Steam

Get the authentic modern D&D experience in digital form

If you want the tactical experience of current Dungeons & Dragons without the burden of coordinating with your friends, Solasta: Crown of the Magister might just be what you’re looking for. The upcoming RPG doesn’t pull from D&D’s settings or lore, but instead makes use of the generecised SRD 5.1 ruleset to provide the same dice-driven tactics you’d get at the table.

Solasta lets you build a party of four heroes, picking their race, class, and stats, then defining a personality that’ll be reflected through the in-game dialogue. All the elements of 5.1 are faithfully recreated here, from initiative roles to attacks of opportunity, and even all those rules about light and darkvision both you and your DM constantly forget about.

The game’s environments are built for tactical consideration, too. Dungeons aren’t just flat locales, and you can take advantage of vertical terrain to, say, knock enemies into pits or drop stuff on their heads. Environmental objects like bridges and weakened walls can be destroyed to add more dynamism to the arenas, too.

Solasta currently has a vague release date of “when it’s ready”, but you can head to the Steam page to play a free demo as part of the Steam Game Festival.

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