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SOMA gets Tobii eye-tracking support, just in case it wasn’t terrifying enough


Frictional Games’ SOMA is a special kind of horror game, as it doesn’t just rely on cheap scares – instead it has a focus on Lovecraftian dread, with existential pondering being just as affecting as the horrors that lurk in the depths. 

Check out our SOMA ‘making of’ for a look at the game’s development. 

Still, it has an incredible atmosphere that makes even the most hardened horror fan tentatively step around each corner. Well, now you can peek. With your eyes!

Following its inclusion in Dying Light recently, SOMA is the next game to get Tobii eye-tracking support, letting you trace the dark corners of the game with your gaze, the screen leaning and panning along with it.

In SOMA, you can use your eyes to move the torch around the screen, focus on interactive items, zoom on interesting objects, and even make enemies mad if you look at them, like that silly bald fella in every single pub. Check out the details on the Tobii site.

To celebrate the new feature, SOMA is currently discounted to $10.19 on Steam. It’s very good.