Somebody created a live action FPS in Chatroulette and it’s brilliant


Logging on to random webcam sharing service Chatroulette usually results in witnessing an unending flipbook of strange men’s dongs, but that wasn’t the case for a few lucky Chatroulette users who were instead greeted with a live action, fully interactive first-person shooter, courtesy of Realm Pictures.

And that’s at least five times more exciting than a flurry of blurred genitals.

Participants on webcam sharing sites instructed the headcam-adorned FPS hero to flee zombie hordes, smash open crates, discover new weapons or, sometimes, run directly into danger.

The FPS experience is meticulously recreated using some impressive visual effects, with the look of the thing nicely rounded off by a health bar, the grimacing and increasingly battered face of the protagonist hovering at the bottom of the screen, and even key-hammering quick-time events to bash attacking zombies’ heads in.

The team behind the stunt have uploaded a behind the scenes video explaining how the thing was made. Good job them.