Somebody has invented a horrifying 360-degree virtual reality chair


MMOne is a virtual reality gaming chair that rotates along three axes, spinning and twirling the player through the air like some sort of hellish fairground ride. At least that’s what it claims to be. Whether or not it actually exists is a different matter.

Either way, there’s an incredible video. You have to watch it now.

I’ve transcribed it below, in case you think you misheard something.

“A revolution in emotions. Not an easy task. It was a long way from idea to prototype and it took us nearly two years. MMOne, a fundamentally new product. I definitely can say gamers will love it. We present to you MMOne project. It’s the only way to experience everything on your own skin. If you thought you stand firmly, it’s time to try MMOne as virtual reality. Emmotion as a gift.”

The company’s website offers no way to purchase the chair, but simply lists a number of exciting uses, such as “check yourself as a test pilot, stunt the professional aerobatics tricks”.

Is this real life?