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Somebody’s gone and added iron sights to Doom


Update: Sometime PCGN contributor and friend of the PC Craig Pearson points out that iron sighted weapons first appeared in the long-running Brutal Doom mod, which forms part of the DNA of Doom:One. Silly us. Somebody’s gone done added iron sights to Doom, though, and they’re absolutely worth a look if you’ve yet to see them in action.

Modder adamclare87 has put plenty of work into pulling id’s shooter convulsing and screeching into the age of modern, post-modern and garden warfare. He’s sensitively updated its art style; built seamless segues between its levels; adopted fan favourite mod Brutal Doom’s faithful thrash metal reimagining of the original soundtrack.

He’s also decided to throw iron sights in there. The results are spectacularly odd.

While watching Doom:One at play, I find myself struggling to reconcile the historical and philosophical gulf between jolly, bobbing shotguns and proper, po-faced aiming. When the player lifts his sights, it’s a different game; we’re suddenly playing an uncharacteristically colourful CoD. When they’re lowered again, it’s back to good old gibdom:

Adam is busy polishing up a beta version of Doom’s first episode even as we sit here ogling his work to date. But there’s already a four-level demo available, best played in conjunction withBrutal Doom.

The more I think about it, the more Doom:One seems like an early prototype for Rage, with its continuous murder and concessions to contemporary shooting. Which would you rather play?

Thanks, Kotaku.