Sometimes Always Monsters continues the saga of a struggling author this year

Sometimes Always Monsters

Always Sometimes Monsters, the story of a hard-up author attempting to win back the love of their life, is getting a sequel where the tables have turned. The confusingly titled Sometimes Always Monsters will put players in the shoes of an already successful author with a healthy bank balance, a spouse and recognition. 

There’s a lot to lose, then. 

Despite a bout of success, players will face harsh critics, jealousy, insults and unexpected praise, as well as the listlessness that comes from attempting to follow up a bestseller but not knowing how. While there’s the promise of a downward slope, Sometimes Always Monsters seems more upbeat in tone.

“Already done the hard part, it’s time to take it easy,” reads the game description on Steam. “There are plenty of laughs to be had on the way down the slide, and rarely tears after the landing. It’s what makes the whole ride possible. It’s time to enjoy the finer things in life, while you still can.”

It’s not a solo adventure, either. Setting out on a bus tour, players will be accompanied by a set of hand-picked authors who will take part in the exploration of the various stops on the journey. You’ll be able to bring your spouse along for the ride too, though that might put your relationship to the test.

“Having your husband or wife accompany you may bring you closer together, but it may also tear you apart. Similarly, the choice to venture onward without them may leave your household more stable, but possibly at the cost of what closeness you shared.“

Returning players will be able to import their save from Always Sometimes Monsters and carry on their story with decisions intact and characters updated to reflect the new art style.

Sometimes Always Monsters is due out this year.