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How to unlock the Sonic Frontiers map and islands

Learn how to unlock the Sonic Frontiers map in order to reveal every challenge for each of the five open zones and discover where to find secrets

Sonic Frontiers map islands: a close up of Sonic, a blue hedgehog with green eyes. He looks surprised as he looks at an off-screen enemy.

For each open zone, the Sonic Frontiers map can be a handy way to keep track of everything you’ve done so far. However, you need to locate and complete a number of specific tasks in all corners of the open world game’s areas to access that island’s completed map.

Unlocking parts of the Sonic Frontiers map for each open zone will reveal any challenges leading to that zone’s Memory Token, Sonic Frontiers characters, new Cyberspace levels with gears, and either Hermit or Elder Kokos will be around for upgrades. It’ll also show you where to find Chaos Emeralds, which shimmer when you have enough Vault Keys to get them open.

Sonic Frontiers map islands: a partially complete render of Ares Island. Many Memory Tokens are on screen, along with some missions, guardian fights, and even the blue Chaos Emerald.

How to unlock the Sonic Frontiers map

For each open zone, you need to complete missions to reveal chunks of the in-game map. These missions are generally simple tasks, ranging from pushing buttons in sequence, reaching a point within a certain time limit, or even uncovering hidden objects with the help of Sonic’s abilities, such as the Cyclone. Of course, with it being a platform game, it’s no surprise that you’ll need to master Sonic’s movement to unlock all the chunks in every map.

Once you’ve found them all, you’ll get a short cutscene informing you that the map is complete, and you can now fast travel between each mission’s location. Note that fast travel works differently in Sonic Frontiers because you use rails that appear out of thin air to grind to your destination rather than warp there directly.

How to unlock more islands in Sonic Frontiers

Unlocking new islands in Sonic Frontiers requires you to beat that island’s Titan. These are the big bosses of the area, and you’ll need all seven Chaos Emeralds to stand a chance at beating them. Progressing through the story by completing the objectives as they appear in the top right corner of the screen will lead you in the right direction.

That’s everything you need to know to get started uncovering the Sonic Frontiers map in each open zone. If you’d rather roll around at the speed of sound wearing the sickest footwear ever made, check out our Sonic Frontiers Soap Shoes guide to find out how you can get a pair of your own. We also have the full Sonic Frontiers characters and cast if you’re wondering who the voices are.