Sonic Frontiers Steam tagged as a hardcore adult game

The new Sonic the Hedgehog game isn't out but the Sonic Frontiers Steam tags are already out of control, unless Sega is going in a seriously adult direction

Sonic grinds through censorship, as Sonic Frontiers Steam tags are getting out of hand

The Sonic Frontiers release date is still unconfirmed but fans on Steam are already having fun with it, albeit in a different way than Sega intends. Unless the publisher is going in a freakishly adult direction, Sonic Frontiers Steam tags are a little out of control.

Valve launched community-created Steam tags back in 2014 and things haven’t always gone smoothly. While they can be very helpful, checking the tags for pretty much any Steam game often yields some odd inclusions – Elden Ring as a relaxing walking simulator, anyone?

Heading over to the tags on the Sonic Frontiers Steam page, users are clearly out of control. The game has been tagged for ‘hentai’, ‘psychological horror’, ‘nudity’, and perhaps more shockingly of all, ‘Souls-like’. Checking SteamDB reveals other tags such as ‘gore’, ‘sexual content’, ‘NSFW’, ‘horror’, and most interestingly of all, ‘female protagonist’.

We knew Sonic Frontiers was going in a more Elden Ring-like direction, but we had no idea that things were getting so mature. Thanks to @SonicHeroesREAL on Twitter for the dubious honour of pointing this out.

Elsewhere in Sonic Frontiers news, the recently revealed Cyberspace levels look like remixed spins on the classics, and Big the Cat will teach Sonic how to fish. And if you want to add your own Steam tags to Sonic Frontiers, don’t.