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Sonic Mania’s first 2 zones have been laid bare and they look gorgeous

Sonic Mania

It only took Sega a couple of decades and scores of mediocre games but, finally, the Japanese giant has realised 3D Sonic games suck. Seriously, they’re awful. That’s exactly why – alongside the next no doubt half-baked 3D Sonic game – it’s also working on Sonic Mania, which is something of a Greatest Hits package for 2D Sonic fans.

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We’ve already been treated to a sexy reveal trailer, but it appears Sega has lifted the lid on Sonic Mania’s first two zones; a reimagining of the original Sonic’s Green Hill Zone, and a brand new Studiopolis Zone, which has more than a hint of Sonic 2‘s Casino Night and Sonic 3‘s Carnival Night about it.

A whole raft of different sites were given a chance to record a playthrough of both stages at Pax West in Seattle last week, such as IGN (below) and Polygon (at the bottom), and things are looking good. In fact, things are looking very good.

As pitched, Sonic Mania comes with the look and feel of Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles – which launched on Mega Drive/Genesis back in 1994 – and the musical style of the now 23 year old Sonic CD. It looks expansive, it looks colourful, and most importantly, it looks fun. Hopefully, if it sells well, this could see the return of Sonic to his 2D roots, along with the realisation by Sega that this is Sonic how God intended.

Yes, God plays Sonic, not Mario. Deal with it. Sonic Mania is due to launch on PC, Xbox One and PS4 in early 2017.