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Sonic the Hedgehog’s total sales have topped 800 million

Everybody's favourite hedgehog is SEGA's most successful release, shipping 800 million units since 1991

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Sega has recently released their annual report, which this year includes updated sales milestones across some of the publisher’s most iconic series. A certain blue hedgehog is definitely flying high at the top of Sega’s charts, but there are a few popular (and not-so popular) included as well.

To address the hedgehog in the room, the Sonic franchise is far and away Sega’s most popular. To date, the company claims that the series, which launched in 1991, has shipped approximately 800 million units. Slightly surprisingly, Sonic is followed (albeit a long way behind) by the Puyo Puyo franchise. Sega acquired the company behind the tile-matching game in 1998, but claim it’s shipped 27 million units since 1991.

Those stats (via Siliconera) also claim that the Persona series, which began in 1996 and saw its most recent release in 2016, has shipped 9.3 million units. There are also look at some franchises acquired from Western developers – both the Total War and Football Manager series, developed by partner-studios Creative Assembly and Sports Interactive.

Total War has reportedly shipped around 22 million units since its first release in 2000, while Football Manager’s yearly releases have sold 18.1 million since 2005.

In the grand scheme of those titles, there are some less-successful games listed too. The 1993 adaptation of Disney’s Aladdin was massively successful, but the company brings up the sales of Aladdin-themed Pachinko and Pachislot machines, of which they sold around 570,000 units. That’s not to be sniffed at, but it pales in comparison to Sonic’s 800 million.