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How to get Virginia in Sons of the Forest

Once you get Virginia in Sons of the Forest, you can arm the three-legged lady with weapons and change her clothes, so just be careful not to scare her away.

How to get Virginia in Sons of the Forest: Three-legged lady virginia dances in the moonlight

If you want to know how to get Virginia in Sons of the Forest, you’ll need to know how to put your weapons away and tread carefully or you can scare her away. You can frighten off, ignore, or befriend the three-legged mutant lady, but the latter is going to be your best choice as you’ll have an extra pair of hands on your side against the hordes of cannibals. You can even give Virginia clothes to help her withstand the elements of the great outdoors.

Recruit Virginia in Sons of the Forest and you can give her a gun and put her to use in combat against Sons of the Forest mutants, making her an excellent substitute companion if Kelvin dies. Neither of these NPCs is completely forced on you in the survival game, though, so you can go it alone if you want. That said, if you could do with an extra pair of hands – and legs – here’s how to get Virginia in Sons of the Forest without scaring her away, as well as where to find her clothes.

How to get Virginia in Sons of the Forest

To get Virginia as a companion in Sons of the Forest, ensure you are not holding a weapon, and approach her slowly. Repeat this each time you see her until you can interact with the three-legged mutant lady. Once you can, you will be able to give her Sons of the Forest weapons, which she will then use in combat automatically. Unlike Kelvin, though, you can’t ask Virginia to carry out specific commands.

Virginia will start to appear on the Sons of the Forest map fairly early on in the open-world game, and you’ll even see the mutant lady nearby once you embark on finding Team B. If you scare her off, she’ll keep returning sporadically, and you must repeatedly work on gaining her trust.

With that, you can recruit Virginia – if you want to. Give her guns or tools, and the three-legged mutant will help you fend off those pesky cannibals. What’s more, Virginia doesn’t use any ammo while wielding firearms, which means you can hand her an empty weapon that she can make use of in your stead.

How to get Virginia in Sons of the Forest: A blue and white floral dress is folded neatly on a white couch in the lobby of an underground bunker, one of the various location where you can find Virginia clothes in the open world.

Finding clothes for Virginia

Once you’ve managed to successfully recruit Virginia, you can dress her up in various clothes and outfits that you can scavenge in the sandbox game. Once you find clothes for Virginia in Sons of the Forest, you may equip them the same way as you would giving her weapons: interact with her to open your inventory, and select a set of clothes. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to equip her with Sons of the Forest armor.

Here are all the clothes for Virginia in Sons of the Forest:

  • Camo Suit
  • Dress
  • Track Suit
  • Leather Suit

Camo Suit

The Camo Suit is the easiest outfit to acquire, to the extent that you may have already picked it up on your travels. It’s located within a kayak abandoned on the shoreline in the very north-west of the map, just past the deserted camp containing a sunburnt corpse mounted on a stretcher, and there are no special requirements to obtaining it. Be sure to pick up the Sons of the Forest binoculars nearby before you continue on your travels.


The Dress is more difficult to track down. It’s located in the Food and Dining bunker, through the same locked door which also leads to a Sons of the Forest keycard – note that you’ll need the maintenance key to open it. Once you’ve picked up the VIP keycard, you’ll be able to access the large double doors at the top of the stairs. The dress is located on the couch on the right-hand side of the lobby.

Track Suit

The Track Suit is also hidden behind a sealed door that requires the maintenance key to unlock. Head to the gym area of the cave on the northern coastline.

Leather Suit

The Leather Suit is located inside the crashed helicopter on the north-western side of the map. If you haven’t reached the crash site yet, follow the river inland from the Sons of the Forest GPS locator out at sea until you reach the lake. The Leather Suit is lying at the deceased pilot’s feet, ready for you to pick up.

Once you get all the Sons of the Forest Virginia clothes, you’ll receive the ‘Fashionista’ achievement for your efforts. You’ll also be able to dress Virginia up for any occasion, which she’ll surely appreciate when winter arrives.

If you need even more help to get through the survival horror game, and you’ve gone through our essential tips and tricks, we’ve got the locations of the Sons of the Forest rebreather, shovel, and rope gun – all of which you’ll need before digging up the Sons of the Forest grave for the devastating shotgun. Alternatively, if you’re looking for more hands-on assistance, get hold of some mates and launch a Sons of the Forest multiplayer server.