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Sorcerer King: Rivals lets you make your own grand strategy map and quests

Sorcerer King Rivals map editor

Grand 4X fantasy strategy Sorcerer King: Rivals will provide a map and quest editor to let players make their own necromantic challenges once the game releases this week.

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The game, out September 22 on Steam, is a standalone expansion of last year’s Sorcerer King which features new content and an additional twist to the original’s storyline.

Now, instead of simply attempting to stop the titular king from achieving his aim of destroying some magic shards and achieving godhood, you can try and beat him to the punch and rule the land forever.

Rivals is primarily focused on its own story and quests, but if you want to try and recreate the plot of your favourite fantasy movie there’s a fairly in-depth quest and map editor, with the ability to edit individual tiles and particles too. Obviously all the characters will need to be played out by necromancers and the like, but that’s what creative licence is for.

Sorcerer King: Rivals is available on Steam, where pre-ordering for a 25% discount will also net you the original game to play until it releases this week.