Soul Axiom is “content complete” and poised for full release

Soul Axiom

Wales Interactive’s first-person sci-fi puzzleventure Soul Axiom is on the precipice of releasing in full, having spent just over a year in Early Access. Although still without a solid release date, it’s now “content complete” and almost ready to go.

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Soul Axiom has completed its sixth and final chapter update and now has its Central Visitation Beam pointed squarely at full release. In a Steam update, developers Wales Interactive revealed they’re now at the stage of looking over the game in its entirety and adding last minute touch-ups as they prepare “for the Early Access switch to be flipped.”

The latest offering from BAFTA-winning studio Wales Interactive explores themes of morality, self-exploration, sentience and the fragility of life. Much like its indirect forerunner Master Reboot, it also looks uber cool. Have a look at its latest story trailer:

The chapter six update brings with it the final chapter of the game with multiple endings and a selection of achievements. It also corrects a number of technical issues and bug fixes, all of which can be found on the Soul Axiom Steam page itself.

Issues as a result of an engine update stalled the arrival of this latest patch, however a complete level overhaul, substantial lighting improvements, and the game’s biggest optimisation pass to date seem to have got things back on track as Soul Axiom prepares for take off.

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