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Don’t take your horny Soulcalibur 6 characters online or you’ll get banned

Bandai Namco now warns that your raunchy Soulcalibur 6 creations can cause a ban

Soulcalibur VI lets you make some pretty wild custom characters. As with any robust creation tool, gamers took one look at it and decided that online play needed to be filled with lizardmen possessing giant penises. It turns out there are consequences for spreading your unreserved love of genitals to others, though – if you take your filthy creations online, you’re getting banned.

A new notice on the game’s Japanese website warns that if you make an inappropriate character in the Create a Soul mode, you may get banned from online play. This seems to be specifically targeted at characters that break the bounds of good taste, so this isn’t a targeted attack on wonky customs breaking the balance in ranked mode.

The detail was picked up by Wonkey on Twitter (via EventHubs), though you can see it on the official site for yourself, where it’s currently the most recent news item. The Google translation of that statement says “If you create a character against public order and morals in character creation and do online matchups, we may suspend the use of other online restrictions and other restrictions.”

Don’t read too much into the machine-translated phrasing there, but it seems that Bandai Namco isn’t cool with the volume of big dick energy on display with SC6, especially since that one lizard clip made it big on Twitter. (Don’t click that at work.) Players don’t seem to mind that too much, though there’ve been other issues around misleading hitboxes and unusual combo responses from custom characters mucking up ranked mode.

Hopefully those bans don’t extend to the light copyright infringement featured in the best bits of the Soulcalibur 6 character creator. With 2B now an official part of the roster, maybe we need more custom creations lobbying for DLC characters – maybe Zoidberg isn’t such a distant dream after all.