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South Park: The Stick of Truth to poke its way into your life by Christmas

The cast, kitted out in DIY high fantasy gear.

South Park: The Stick of Truth is finally released; here’s our glowing South Park: The Stick of Truth review.

The South Park RPG has been in development since the beginning of this decade, and in release limbo for what feels like longer – but I still haven’t quite processed that it’s an Obsidian game. The license has somewhat obscured the fact that this is the biggest step the developer’s taken away from their Black Isle roots to date – an unfamiliar cocktail of cardboard cutout characters, sidelong, JRPG-like combat and that scatological sense of humour.

And now it’s coming out, on December 10. Hmm!

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have had a hand in writing this, so the comedy’s exactly as divisive as the show’s. You’ll probably have a good idea whether or not you’ll like it after the trailer:

Maybe this’ll be one to play in that glorious long week after Christmas, when temporality itself seems to wobble back and forth after too much pudding and weird wine.

And maybe, just maybe, this might be an Obsidian game that really sells and makes actual money for them. What do you reckon?

Thanks, Arr-Pee-Ess.