South Park: The Stick of Truth sale contested by South Park Studio

Our expectations for South Park: The Stick of Truth were high - and still we were surprised by quite how good it was.

South Park: The Stick of Truth is finally released; here’s our glowing South Park: The Stick of Truth review.

In the ongoing saga that is THQ’s financial state, it’s been uncovered that South Park Studio have submitted a filing that contests the sale of THQ’s properties, in particular South Park: The Stick of Truth.

The contracts were spotted by NeoGaf, well done chaps.

The filing which South Park Studio submitted went exactly like this, stating that “Under section 365(c)(1) of the Bankruptcy Code, the Debtors cannotassume or assign the Deal Memo without Licensor’s consent because, as set forth below,applicable law excuses Licensor from accepting performance from or rendering performance to aparty other than THQ”. Essentially, what they’re saying is that the deal with THQ that let THQ use the trademarks of the South Park series was made exclusively with THQ and thus it’s not for THQ to sell the game project on to someone else. They go on to say that they never agreed for the project to be sold to Clearlake Capital (the company who currently stand to take on all of THQ’s unsold assets at the end of the month).

South Park end by saying that it’s their right to buy all the assets of the game that have currently been produced and then, presumably,take that to their own developer.

THQ responded to this filing in amanner exactly like this, bare facts of it saying that they’d love to come to a consensual but if they didn’t that they were entirely in their rights to go ahead and sell the game on.

Looking forward to seeing what the Delaware court system has to say about that one.

Nice job, VG247.