Space Hulk screenshots reveal the board game transmuted with turn-based tactics intact


Space Hulk is a new adaptation of the well-worn boardgame – the one that has fully-fledged humans scream in terror at pieces of plastic – for PC and Mac. It’s made by a somebody called Full Control who, and here’s the sound of a synapse forming a link in my brain, made the competent-if-linear XCOM-alike Tactical Soldier: Undead Rising for iOS.

Here’s what it looks like. Never has the onset of claustrophobia been so readily welcomed.

The two screenshots reveal Space Hulk’s’action camera’ and its ‘tactical camera’ – which suggests to me, at least, that it’s taking a fair few leafs from Firaxis’ XCOM scrapbook.

Space Hulk will be based on the “Sin of Damnation” campaign from the 3rd edition board game, and include a “robust” 12-mission single-player and co-op campaign. Elsewhere there’ll be head-to-head multiplayer – which, of course, means taking control of the Genestealers – and cross platform functionality between PC, Mac and iOS.

Full Control are also working on a level editor, connected to a central sharing hub, which is the way to do it if you’re going to.

Space Hulk is still scheduled for release sometime this year, and more than ever makes me want to sing Genestealers! to the tune of this: