Space Hulk: Tactics lets you play a Genestealers campaign for the first time

Space Hulk Tactics

Space Hulk: Tactics has a new trailer, detailing Cyanide Studio’s adaptation of the classic Warhammer 40,000 board game. The game pits proud Imperium Terminators against the alien Genestealers and their insatiable bloodlust, in a turn-based tactics game set aboard the abandoned wrecks of enormous spaceships.

For the first time in a Space Hulk game, Tactics allows you to play as either Terminator or Genestealer, with a narrative campaign available for both factions. Whichever side you choose, you’ll have access to four Space Marine chapters or four Genestealer hives.

Sci-fi and strategy go hand in hand, as our list of PC’s best strategy games shows.

Whether you’re Terminator or Genestealer, any actions you undertake will cost Action Points, but beyond that each team has very different objectives. The Terminators will have various objectives to complete – sometimes they’ll be tasked with killing specific units, for example, while other times they’ll just need to escape. The Genestealers, however, bloodthirsty as they are, simply need to destroy all five enemy units to complete their missions.

Space Hulk: Tactics also uses a card system, offering unique benefits to single units or entire teams. Terminators can also cash these cards in for extra Action Points, while Genestealers can use them to summon powerful new units. You can check out more of the game in the trailer below.

Space Hulk: Tactics will launch later this year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with multiplayer options, map editor, and ongoing skirmish mode available for players who complete both narrative campaigns.

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