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Space Punks is a Borderlands-style co-op spin on Helldivers

From the developers of Shadow Warrior and Runescape, Space Punks is an action-packed free-to-play romp

Main playable characters from Space Punks standing in a loot cave

Space Punks is unabashedly inspired by Helldivers – that’s the game developer Flying Wild Hog says its team favoured during their downtime between making Hard Reset and Shadow Warrior games. Space Punks, however, is a co-op game whose guiding principle is always more, more, more – more loot, more explosions, more monsters to blow up. It’s coming to early access on PC July 14.

You’ll recognise the Borderlands-inspired art style right away when you look at Space Punks, even though it’s a top-down shooter that plays more like Helldivers. At launch, you’ll pick from four playable characters – there’s the dashing Duke, the enigmatic Eris, insect engineer Bob, and Finn, who is a pig (no, really, he’s a purple pigman who wants to save up to buy a farm out in some backwater planet somewhere).

Space Punks is free-to-play, and Flying Wild Hog is working alongside Runescape publisher Jagex to nail the details of a game that will grow and evolve over time. You’ll be able to scour the galaxy for new gear, weapons, and looks, but you’ll also be able to pick up battle passes that offer their own rewards.

Here’s the reveal trailer, which debuted during IGN’s Summer of Gaming event.

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Flying Wild Hog says more heroes will be added over time, and one of the design principles has been an ‘endless arsenal’ – “Whatever weapon you’re looking for, this galaxy’s got it,” the developers said.

Early access on the Epic Games store will be available for founder’s pack purchasers July 14, with an open beta to follow this winter. A console launch is planned for 2022.