Speedball 2 HD available to score now

Speedball 2 HD

Those of a suitably mature age and who can recall the exact contours of the Amiga casing may well be familiar with Speedball 2. Consuming hours in a similar fashion to kids today on Call of Duty, Speedball 2 is responsible for many a happy memory/deep rivalry. Thanks to modern magic, you can now relive your Speedball 2 glory days with the game looking exactly how you remember it due to a HD overhaul. No longer will you be shocked to see just how dated games from the 90s look; infact Speedball 2 looks rather lovely. 

Speedball 2 is a classic future-sports game, melding handball, American football, and ice hockey together in a bone-crunching combination. Originally developed by The Bitmap Brothers, the HD remake comes courtesy of those titans of software once more, alongside Tower Studios and Vivid Games.

Speedball includes sport staples such as team management, transfer markets, formations, and real-time pitch action.

“Working on the original The Bitmap Brothers games, it becomes apparent how much of those games are still relevant today. It’s been a fascinating journey translating the original Atari ST game for modern engines but with that said, Speedball 2 HD is as strong and addictive as ever before,” said Mike Montgomery, MD of the Bitmap Brothers.

To relive the 90s all over again (hideous fashion choices optional), head over to Steam or Get Games.