Spelunky 2 has rideable mounts and a gun that fires cats – here’s the first gameplay trailer

Spelunky 2 finally has a gameplay trailer

spelunky 2 gameplay

It’s been some time since Spelunky 2 was announced, but we haven’t seen footage from the game itself – until today. The randomized dungeon platformer just got its first gameplay trailer, and while it very much looks like more Spelunky, there are some big new features that should shake up the flow of the game.

Most notably, there are now animals to ride, Yoshi style – and just like Mario’s trusted green dinosaur, it seems you’ll be able to cynically use these mounts as makeshift shields and protection from otherwise deadly falls. But you wouldn’t do that, right? (You monster.)

We also get a look at the new fluid dynamic system, which promises to make lava and water even more unpredictable factors in your run. Knocking out the tiles below a liquid will now cause the pool to spill out all over the map, leading either to new puddles of water or a deadly shower of magma.

Level design is also getting shaken up by a second layer you can travel back and forth from, giving each area additional depth when you’re exploring.

This is also our look at the game’s cast, with Ana Spelunky in the leading role. There’s also Roffy D. Sloth, Margaret Tunnel, and Colin Northward – all of which definitely sound like Spelunky names.

If that’s not enough, we’re even getting some quick glimpses at new items and abilities, like arrows that can be used as platforms, a teleporter, and (apparently) a gun that fires cats.

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This is another PlayStation-branded trailer, but worry not – creator Derek Yu has confirmed Spelunky 2 will be coming to Steam. Expect it sometime in 2019.