Muddy off-roading sim Spintires hits 100,000 sales; free updates and DLC to come


Spintires is emblematic of how hard it is to pigeonhole PC gaming. It’s a game about mud and hardy Russian vehicles struggling through it. After it launched on Steam last month, it quickly made its way to the top of the Steam top sellers tab, and it’s still in the top 10 even now. 

In his Spintires review, our Steve said that it’s a “muddy, messy and fun tech demo that gingerly touches on a deeply held love of playing in the dirt that you might have forgotten about.”

That love of dirt is now something that quite a few people are rediscovering, as Spintires’ sales exceed 100,000.

Publisher IMGN.PRO and developer Oovee Games announced, yesterday, that the total sales had reached and surprassed 100,000 by June 30th. That’s not to be sniffed at, after a little over two weeks.

“Our goal was to elevate the game from indie to mainstream and to provide it with the best market visiblity and complete global distribution solution,” said IMGN.PRO co-owner Bartosz Moskała. “Although it’s just the beginning of the road, the numbers speak for themselves already.”

The success of the game will hopefully ensure its continued support with updates and new content. “Clearly this muddy adventure was a good choice and we will endeavour to improve the platform with free updates and DLC,” said Oovee’s managing director Zane Saxton.

Have you lovely folk taken the off-roading simulator for a spin?