Spintires update has parked new trucks in the garage, also receiving new mod tools


As slow as Spintires’ updates are, they do eventually turn up. One has finally pulled into the Steam parking lot today, and on the back of its flatbed is five brand new trucks for you to push through the mud, as well as a promise of Steam Workshop mod support.

The update changelog reports the multiple bugs that have been fixed, and informs you of the five new additions to the fleet: B-66, B-131, C-4310, D-537, and K-700. Truck companies may not name their vehicles with cool names like Viper, Challenger, and Thunderbird, but we can assure you they’re just as powerful under the hood.

To get the trucks in your game, just go to the Steam Workshop on Spintire’s Steam page and download from there.

Talking of the Workshop, this update also lays groundwork for mod tools in the near future. This was supposed to arrive in April, but a fall-out between publisher Oovee and developer Pavel Zagrebenlnyj set it back. The two parties have since made up though, and the Workshop is reportedly ready, but just needs some final finishing off. Expect it to follow in the coming weeks.

Thanks, Rock, Paper, Shotgun.