Stardew Valley meets Studio Ghibli in Spirittea this summer

Spirittea is a chill new RPG from No More Robots that's basically Stardew Valley meets Studio Ghibli - specifically, Spirited Away - and it's aiming for summer

Spirittea is Stardew Valley meets Spirited Away, particularly the ghost bath

The last time we heard from Spirittea was two years ago when it was in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign, and now it’s finally close to release. It’s a life game in the style of Stardew Valley with a big Studio Ghibli influence, particularly the otherworldly shenanigans of Spirited Away – and it’s aiming for a summer release.

The player takes on the role of a writer who’s escaped to the countryside, but an encounter with a magic teapot turns Spirittea into a ghost game. From then on, it’s about doing Stardew-like hobbies and chores while also doing favours for spirits to help save them, as instructed by a cat spirit called Wonyan.

It all looks rather delightful and should keep ghost-loving Stardew Valley fans happy while they wait for Haunted Chocolatier. Similar to that game, Spirittea has elements of a management game in the mix too, with players also having to look after a bathhouse where the spooky citizens go to relax. Yes, you’re playing the role of Yubaba in this game, so try to be a bit nicer about it.

Spirittea release date

Spirittea is aiming for a release this summer, so anytime in the next three months. Given the press release states “later this year” and the trailer below is just “coming 2022”, expect it to be a late summer release.

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