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Splash Damage announce London-set multiplayer FPS Dirty Bomb with trailer


Tease, tease, teasy tease. That’s what Splash Damage have been doing for the past week. But man cannot survive on hype alone. Are you ready for some real sustenance?

London. And not Call of Duty the-tubes-are-all-wrong London. Proper I’ve-been-here-before London, albeit distanced by a few years of dystopian devastation from the looks of it.

At 0:41 you’ll notice a cheekily-shouted “The enemy is weakened!”, sourced from Splash Damage’s much-loved Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. There’s pedigree here, and the developers want to remind us of that.

And the road signs? Bromley is where Splash Damage are based. Have you spotted anything else we might have missed?