Sponsored post: Get Games carve 66% off Borderlands 2 and 75% off Formula 1 games

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It’s the weekend, and the time is rife for gaming. If you’ve not picked up a new release today to tide you over the next two days, then you might be in need of some gaming fodder to load into your eyes. Panic not if you’re at a loss of what to buy though, those chums over at Get Gaming have a menu well prepared for you. 

How about becoming a Vault Hunter, sir? Head out to Pandora and shoot anything that moves using our selection of a gajillion automatic weapons. It’s 66% off this weekend, and the offer covers a second and perhaps even third course of DLC too. And for madam, how about taking to the tarmac in your very own swift motorcar? The last three years of F1 games are currently on offer at a tidy 75% off. 

The Borderlands 2 Sale includes the core game at £6.79, plus every available DLC expansion at 66% off too. The game has only been out a year but there’s already seven DLC packs available. If you fancy going the whole nine yards you can buy it all in a complete DLC bundle for £17.49, saving you 70%. If you feel that’s going too far and you haven’t even played Borderlands before, you could opt in for just the first game at 75% £4.99.

If guns aren’t your bag but four wheels and an engine is, then the massive Motorsport Sale might well serve you. The F1 series, including 2010, 2011, 2012 and the karting F1 Race Stars, are all slashed by 75%. A cascade of other motoring titles are also on offer at up to 80% off, including SBK 09, WRC Rally and MotoGP 13.

To wrap up, if nothing on the previous menus get your fingers reaching for the WASD keys, then something from the Kiss range might make you think again. 37 games including the likes of Lucious, Q.U.B.E, The 39 Steps, Darkout, Grimind, and Ampu-tea are all at half price. That’s a whole 50% off!

These prices are ready for you now and will be sticking around all weekend, ending 4pm on Monday. So why not take a browse and make your weekend a little more exciting?