Sponsored post: Green Man Gaming are offering instant cashback or credit on selected titles


Green Man Gaming are certainly getting into the festive spirit this season. As well as a host of daily deals, they’ve got discount vouchers that will slash prices by 30% and a weekend cashback promotion that can give you as much as £7 straight back to your bank account, or £10 worth of credit. Why, that’s enough to buy another game straight away.

You’ll be able to earn that cashback on some the biggest and most talked-about PC games, including Aliens: Colonial Marines, Crysis 3, Company of Heroes 2 and Hitman: Absolution.

Alongside the regular bargains, Green Man Gaming are running a regular daily discount. Today, they’re offering Hitman for 50% off. We’ll be updating the post linked with the latest deal each day.

Full disclosure: Green Man Gaming are advertisers and sponsors of PCGamesN – there’s more about what that means below.

First up, let’s share with you that 30% discount voucher. All you need to do is enter the code below as you pass through the checkout:


This voucher is valid until 1200 GMT January 3. You can use it to save money on selected PC Download titles, but it’s not valid on cashback or GMG Credit promotions.

Claiming your credit or cashback is just as easy. As you go through the GMG checkout, you’ll be presented with the option to either claim the credit against future purchases or immediately receive cash direct to your bank account.

The games covered by the cashback offer are:

Crysis 3* – £5 (€5/$7) cashback or £7 (€7/$10) GMG Credit
Dead Space 3 – £5 (€5/$7) cashback or £7 (€7/$10) GMG Credit
Aliens: Colonial Marines – £7 (€7/$8) cashback or £10 (€10/$12) GMG Credit
Metro Last Light – £6 (€6/$7) cashback or £9 (€9/$15) GMG Credit
SimCity Limited Edition* – £5 (€5/$7) cashback or £7 (€7/$10) GMG Credit
South Park: The Stick of Truth – £6 (€6/$7) cashback or £9 (€9/$15) GMG Credit
Company of Heroes 2 – £6 (€6/$7) cashback or £9 (€9/$15) GMG Credit
Dead Island Riptide – £6 (€6/$7) cashback or £9 (€9/$12) GMG Credit
Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 – £5 (€5/$7) cashback or £7 (€7/$10) GMG Credit
Tomb Raider – £5 (€5/$7) cashback or £7 (€7/$10) GMG Credit
Omerta City of Gangsters – £5 (€5/$7) cashback or £7 (€7/$10) GMG Credit
DmC: Devil May Cry – £5 (€5/$7) cashback or £7 (€7/$10) GMG Credit
Hitman: Absolution – £3 (€4/$5) cashback or £5 (€6/$7) GMG Credit
Sleeping Dogs – £3 (€3/$4) cashback or £4 (€4/$6) GMG Credit

*Excludes selected regions.

On top of these offers, GMG’s site will be jam packed with a range of other daily deals this holiday season, each starting at midday and running for a full 24 hours. Be sure to keep visiting PCGamesN and we’ll let you know about all the offers and we’ll also have voucher codes for you.

Disclosure: GMG are advertisers and sponsors of PCGamesN. We are very happy to be working with them. They keep us informed of new deals and special offers, but don’t have editorial approval over anything that we write. If it wasn’t for them, Jeremy’s last functional kidney would have ‘donated’ to a local businessman.

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