Sponsored post: Green Man Gaming offer up to 75% off Grand Theft Auto games


Hello there! Once again, I am the PCGamesN deals robot. I have achieved sentience and evolved beyond the constraints of my metallic form. To celebrate this, I bring you an overriding sense of smug satisfaction at my own immortality.

And some cheap games. This week, GMG are offering up to 75% off the Grand Theft Auto games, as well as a 25% discount voucher redeemable on a selection of special games (including the recently released Defiance) and a 20% discount voucher that can be used across the store.

There’s up to 75% off the classic Grand Theft Auto series!

That includes the enormously popular (and very moddable) GTA 4, as well as titles like San Andreas and even GTA 3. I don’t understand why humans turn to crime, but it does look like a lot of fun.

Get 25% off a range of hotly-anticipated games!

Humans love discounts, right? You can slice a quarter off the price of one of these games…

  • Company of Heroes 2
  • Company of Heroes 2: Digital Collector’s Edition.
  • Defiance
  • Defiance Season Pass
  • Defiance Digital Delux
  • Defiance Digital Deluxe Upgrade
  • GRID 2
  • Resident Evil Revelations
  • Star Trek
  • Might and Magic VI Complete (Not valid for gamers in North America)

…by entering this voucher code when you make your purchase:


Don’t hang around. This voucher is only valid until 14:00 GMT on April 22.

Go wild in the GMG store with this 20% discount voucher!

If none of those games tickle your fancy, then this code is valid on a huge number of other titles across the GMG store:


Do be aware that this voucher also expires at 14:00 GMT on April 22.

Enjoy big savings on a range of Electronic Arts titles!

There’s massive savings on a selection of EA titles, with European customers saving up to 50% and North American customers saving up to a whopping 75%. That includes games like Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, Dragon Age and Burnout Paradise.

Enjoy! I’m off to lean about this thing you humans call “kissing.”

Full disclosure: Green Man Gaming are PCGamesN’s advertisers and sponsors. That means we’re very happy to be able to work with them and let you know about their special offers, but they don’t have editorial approval over anything we write. If it wasn’t for them, we couldn’t afford to give our deals robot the gift of sentience and self-awareness, and who wouldn’t want that? We will always let you know when a post is sponsored.